Combat the perils of Non-PO invoices by Invoice Workflow Automation

By Swetalina Routray
In AP transformation
Apr 27th, 2017

In a recent study conducted by Invocus across 178 North American Accounts Payable professionals, 23% cited non-PO invoice processing as one of their biggest pain points. Wondering what these perilous non-PO invoices are? Non-PO invoices are the invoices received without an underlying Purchase Order in place prior to the sale of the goods or services being invoiced.

Can’t non-PO invoices be avoided?

Though most of the buying organizations come up with policies and processes to prefer PO based buying over the non-PO counterpart, the non-PO spends cannot be eliminated. Some of the obvious reasons are as follows:

  • The sheer amount of time and resources needed to release a PO acting as a deterrent
  • Purchases which are time sensitive in nature and have to be sped up
  • Lack of a formal process followed by suppliers for order receiving and completion

Despite all efforts that the buying organization makes, Non-PO invoices can only be reduced but not completely stopped.


Why are non-PO invoices a pain for AP departments?

There is no reference PO in non-PO invoices. Therefore, in a manual or semi-automated setup for every clarification required, AP coordinators have to act as a human communication channel between the supplier and the authority requesting the purchase to get the correct data tagged to the invoice.


How to tackle the perils of non-PO invoices?

An intelligent intuitive invoice workflow automation solution like Invocus can enable your AP personnel to combat the perils of non-PO invoice processing at different stages in the AP cycle.

Complicated invoice creation and submission process for suppliers
  • Auto-population of various fields to simplify Non-PO invoice creation
  • Intelligent web-forms for Non-PO invoice to capture all essential details
  • Non-PO paper to e-Invoice conversion
Difficulty in verifying and validating non-PO invoices
  • Intelligent predictions for easy invoice validation
Longer cycle-time to approve non-PO invoices
  • Easy-to-use workflow configurator
  • Dynamic workflow for myriad non-PO spends
  • Mobility to ensure quick non-PO invoice approvals
Missed discounting opportunities in non-PO invoices
  • Early payment discount opportunities through reduced overall Non-PO invoice processing time



An intelligent invoice workflow automation solution can shield your payables processes from the malaise of the tumbling tumbleweeds, which are haphazardly blown about from one location to the other without any accountability and instead guide the processes like a heat-seeking missile that finds its target every time in the fastest way possible.

If you want to read more about dealing with non-PO invoices in a smarter fashion, download our whitepaper on “The curious case of non-PO invoices