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Confused whether to Build or Buy when transforming your AP Processes? Instead of just looking at how much it will cost to build vs. buy, one should also consider the effect of building in-house will have on their resources. In most cases, companies realize that diverting their resources in order to build software and maintain it can quickly become more costly than just buying it. But in choosing to buy an AP automation solution, the company gets the benefit of a highly skilled delivery and integration team that helps to get the best out of the solution, apart from much lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Does it really make sense to build invoice automation in-house? The “build vs. buy” is an important question that many companies face when addressing their AP automation needs. Know more about this in detail from our infographic and make an informed decision.

This infographic discusses the following factors when comparing 'Build' and 'Buy' strategies for AP Automation:

  • Impact on resources
  • Future relevance
  • Availability of expertise
  • Supplier adoption
  • Possibility of hiccups