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Confused which suite would be a better option when transforming your AP Processes? Instead of just looking at the myriad options available to fight the battle of AP Automation let us look closely at which is the better combatant between imaging and E-Invoicing.

Wondering why does it make sense to choose portal-based E-Invoicing over Imaging? The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) aspect which is analyzed by many companies when picking the best technology comes into the picture here. But TCO itself gets impacted by various factors. Know more about these factors from our infographic and make an informed decision.

This infographic discusses the following factors when comparing 'Imaging Solutions' and E-Invoicing solutions like 'Invocus' as prospective suites for the battle of AP Automation:

  • Processing Time
  • Data Quality
  • Product Complexity
  • Supplier Engagement
  • Impact on Environment