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The leading AP teams of tomorrow will be the ones that have their "eyes on the prize".


AP is set to become more strategic, to reach higher ground….but not until the invoicing process crosses over to the next level of maturity. This means, that their aim must be to become a strategic partner and showcase their usefulness at the highest level of business operations through inter-departmental collaboration especially with procurement and treasury.

Download this latest research report and get an industry-wide view of what is happening in the world of AP, discover the insights from the performance, perspectives, and future plans of 184 AP, finance, and P2P professionals. Also learn about industry benchmarks, recommendations, and analysis, and use them to prepare yourself for getting the AP prize of strategic importance. It’s very much possible to change the perception of AP and very much needed too. Know more from this exclusive report, compliments of Invocus.

Some Statistics from the report:

  • 81% of Finance Professionals identify AP data critical for projects and programs
  • 34% of AP professionals have a goal of transforming AP into a more strategic and agile business function in the next 24 months
  • 53% of AP professional note that improved exceptional handling and root cause analysis can take AP to the next level
  • 76% of best-in-class enterprises use eInvoicing to eliminate paper as a problem
  • Reduction in the amount of paper tops (90%) the expected changes in AP in the next 2-3 years

Key Learnings:

  • AP’s Top Priority in 2016 and Top Goals for 2017
  • Mountains to Climb: Challenges Facing the AP team
  • The Bleeding Edge: Characteristics of Best-in-Class AP Programs
  • The Future of Accounts Payable
  • Next Level Recommendations for ‘Reaching the Prize’