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Evaluation of current AP Process State for efficient Change Management Strategies

The benefits of transforming your manual AP to an automated one are irrefutable. However, to make your Change Management strategy more effective, AP departments should know where their department’s AP Process currently stands. This is the first step to start an AP Transformation process which gives satisfactory outcome accordingly to budgets and timelines constraints.

This whitepaper will help you do exactly that. It’ll tell you the current invoice to cash landscape and how is it expected to change in future, spell out the benefits of automation, and describe to you in detail as to what are the various stages of E-invoicing Maturity projectile so you can evaluate where your AP department stands currently.

The key take-away from this whitepaper would be:

  • Current and future invoice to payment landscape
  • Improvements gained from automation
  • Stages of e-invoicing maturity and characteristics associated with same
  • Characteristics of the best-in-class AP Organizations
  • Next steps to start AP automation transformation

Download the whitepaper now by filling in the form to understand E-Invoicing Maturity Model projectile and self-assess the current state of your organization’s AP Process.