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Future of AP

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Future of AP

Accounts Payable Automation is the best possible way to improve AP business processes and drives down cost by nearly 40% as compared to manual paper based processing methods. However, which AP Automation tools to use, is the question!

As per Ardent Partners research report “ePayables 2016 – Eyes on the Prize” - Portal based e-Invoicing solutions are the future of AP automation. The popularity of an eInvoice as the ideal most invoice format in the future is due to the fact that it simplifies the AP process in addition to offering cost savings on a per-invoice level, which is due to the portal's ability to enable “touchless” processing where invoices are matched, validated and approved without any human interaction.

The infographic talks about the following (as per the latest Ardent Partners research report):

  • The drop in usage of obsolete AP technologies that are being currently used
  • The increase in usage of new age AP technologies
  • The futuristic technology to accelerate the growth of AP automation

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