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A key business process in the accounts payable departments is the exchange of trading documents like invoices, credit memos and ASNs. As an endeavor to AP automation have you implemented EDI for the same? It might interest you to know that the EDI transaction process as method of data transfer is not sufficiently relevant in today鈥檚 time.

You need to adopt a newer technology for your AP Automation which has been built with a futuristic vision. The question then is: What’s the sustainable and self-evolving AP solution for tomorrow?  The solution is a portal-based SIM and E-Invoicing technology like Invocus. Here SIM stands for Supplier Information Management and E-Invoicing stands for web-based digital creation and processing of invoice data. Know more in detail about why Invocus is better than EDI transaction process from our infographic and make an informed decision.

This infographic discusses the following factors when comparing 'EDI' and 'Invocus' as eInvoicing options for AP Automation:

  • Technological Advancement
  • Supplier Fees Incurred
  • Complexity of Usage
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Security Measures
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