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A few years ago, only large enterprises dealing with giant suppliers could think seriously about implementing an eInvoicing solution for streamlining and automating their invoice workflow process. But now with availability of low-cost, user-friendly and plug and play solutions from various vendors, almost all companies are either using or planning to use eInvoicing in some form or the other

While implementing an e-Invoicing solution to bring in cost savings, increase the efficiency and improve supplier relationships, organizations should not miss one crucial milestone in their eInvoicing journey: local tax compliance!

This whitepaper charts out the importance of local tax compliance for a smooth and hurdle-free electronic invoicing journey and covers the following aspects:

  • The changing global landscape of e-invoicing
  • The importance of local tax compliance for the success of an e-Invoicing solution
  • The strategies an organization can adopt to ensure local tax compliance is being handled while choosing an e-Invoicing solution
  • The dynamic e-invoicing global trends across various countries

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