Why choose an Accounts Payable Automation Software

To Work Smart. To Collaborate Better. And To Save More.

  • Relieve your desk from the clutter of paper invoices and make your accounts payable function smart
  • Empower all the internal and external stakeholders with visibility across the invoice lifecycle and help them collaborate better
  • Automate your accounts payable function to get more time to analyze and monitor your payables pipeline rather than worrying about checking errors and answering supplier inquiries

When you want to optimize your cash management, visibility across invoice processing cycle can transform your AP function into a strategic and operational power-house. This is a state every AP department can achieve. Accounts Payable Automation streamlines your end-to-end eInvoicing process by enabling touchless processing and at all times providing visibility into the payables process, thus empowering you to improve cash-flow by capitalizing on early payment discounts.

Invocus is a SaaS based end-to-end e-Invoicing and accounts payable automation software solution which has been designed scientifically keeping in mind the needs of accounts payable teams in today’s globalized economy where the need for centralization, standardization and efficiency is a high priority. Invocus’ robust software features and modules such as Supplier eInvoicing Portal, Invoice Processing Automation and Discount Management not only helps you manage various portions of your accounts payables cycle in a smarter way but also enables your suppliers to transmit electronic invoices while having the visibility across the invoice lifecycle.