Portal-Based Touchless E-Invoicing Suite
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Transform Accounts Payable
into a Strategic Powerhouse

AP Automation Software

Invocus’ four fold AP Automation software
for Supplier Management, Supplier self-service E-invoicing,
Touchless Invoice Processing and Dynamic Discounting
to help you streamline and improve your accounts payable processes
to capture financial savings and transform AP function into a profit centre


Cost Efficient AP Automation with Electronic Invoices


Paperless Invoice Processing

Invocus helps you automate and transform your accounts payable process for a better payable management to empower you to derive more value per invoice. AP Automation allows you to gain efficiencies, better control and visibility over end-to-end invoice processing cycles to reach a new level of operational excellence. Invocus’ touchless AP Automation portal gives you the power of:


  • Operational costs reduced by 60 % by eliminating process inefficiencies
  • Faster invoice processing times through faster approval cycles reducing cycle time by 30%
  • Better visibility of entire invoice cycle in one place
  • Reduced process complexity with integrated dependent processes
  • Improved supplier management reducing supplier inquiries by 60%

AP Expense Automation translates to Profitability


Save more with better discounts


When optimizing your cash management is your goal, your organization needs a more strategic approach. Invocus’ Accounts Payable Automation software gives you the capability to transform your payables into strategic assets to convert AP department into a profit center. Invocus’ dynamic discounting solution provides your company with the power to:


  • Maximize your profitability to become the profit center by better cash flow management
  • Capture early payment discounts through improved cash flow visibility with integrated systems
  • Better visibility over spend and AP department productivity

Invocus E-Invoicing Solution

Dynamic Discounting
Improve your financial savings through better utilisation of on-contract discount terms. Capture early payment discounts like never before with better visibility of AP process workflows
Invoice Processing
Save more per invoice. Strengthen compliance. Streamline Invoice Processing to eliminate inefficiencies. Transform your AP function into an operational powerhouse.
Supplier Management
Improve supplier relationships with on-time payments. Track and approve invoices on the go on. Collaborate with suppliers on self-service portal to create visibility of invoice processing status.

Integrated E-Invoicing for Better Collaboration

New Age CFO
Generate better revenue with improved cash management by capitalizing into early payment and new levels of operational excellence.
AP Manager
Transform operations with faster invoice processing cycles leading to faster payments and improved supplier relationships.
100% free touchless E-invoicing portal for Suppliers to help capture invoices accurately and track payment status in one place.
See E-Invoicing In Action
Our Solution Consultants will show you the power of AP Automation, discuss use-cases, and help your business transform payables into strategic assets.