Why move to an E-Invoicing Software Solution

Empower Suppliers with Self-services, Mobility, and Visibility

  • Invoice Processing gets dependent on manual intervention at every step when your organization relies on traditional modes of invoicing and supplier communication
  • Trading documents like invoices, advance shipment notices (ASNs) and credit memos are given to errors, misplacement and duplication
  • Trading partners are drowned in follow ups with each other
  • The opportunity for touchless invoice processing is lost

Invocus’ e-Invoicing software with its robust and flexible mechanism for supplier self-service helps in streamlining the invoice submission and applies buyer-specific validation at invoice origination to prevent subsequent iterations. Its facility for multi-party collaboration and visibility across the invoice lifecycle helps to keep the accounts payable, the suppliers and the business users in control of what matters to them the most - be it approvals, payments or supplier trust.