Advertising & Media Industry
Advertising & Media Industry

Improve your invoice processing and spend management via automation


Advertising & Media


Improve your invoice processing and spend management via automation

The digital advertising and media industry is evolving at breakneck speed. Advertisers are increasingly harnessing newer and cost effective platforms to optimize their ad campaigns and reach wider audiences.


Key focus areas

  • Achieving better cost efficiencies
  • Improving profitability through business process improvement
  • Ensuring compliance with evolving global regulations and corporate policies

Media and entertainment companies are also adopting more robust approaches to content development and distribution, operations, and technology to stay ahead of competition. They are also crafting newer strategies around portfolio and business development, and technology to be able to effectively harness growth platforms such as online video, and social and mobile media.


A growing number of advertising and media companies are focused on simplifying their purchasing and invoicing processes with digital workflows.

Avoiding back office pitfalls


Advertising and media companies at the heart of breakthrough innovations cannot afford to have inefficient back office processes for functions like invoice processing, which can significantly impact their bottom line. Surprisingly, that is exactly what many companies are burdened with – error prone, manual invoicing processes that make a dent in their profitability.


Top challenges

  • Ad-media
    Stringent compliance requirements that call for greater financial visibility and accountability
  • Ad-media
    Mind boggling invoicing complexities due to the wide range of products and services purchased, combined with a multitude of media distribution deals
  • Ad-media
    Need for rigorous quality control
  • Ad-media
    Ending the long and arduous ‘paper chase’ and accelerating approval cycles
  • Ad-media
    Cost and resource optimization

Simplify invoice processing. Partner with Invocus


At Invocus, we offer a well-integrated, automated eInvoicing solution suite to address your unique accounts payable and invoicing challenges. Our workflow-based solution with in-built analytics enables you to embrace an end-to-end, collaborative and data-driven approach to invoice processing. Instead of sweating it out on complex back office processes, you can leverage our solution and devote more time and resources to strategic business imperatives.


Paying your bills need not be complicated any more. Shift to electronic invoicing and eliminate inefficiencies.


What you can achieve

  • Speed up approvals, payments and charge-backs
  • Simplify management of billable charges on client invoices
  • Boost accuracy and transparency in invoicing
  • Manage billing exceptions efficiently
  • Use comprehensive financial data and insights to craft improved payment and contract terms




  • Compliant onboarding via supplier portal for self-registration
  • Effective data management via centralized repository, hassle-free document tracking, and audit trail management
  • Supplier risk management through data enrichment, risk alerts and risk scores


  • Easy payment tracking along with status updates, and configurable alerts on pending requests
  • Any format invoicing, with ICR to extract invoices from images
  • Early payment discounts with automatic calculation of discount due dates and amount


  • Automated 2-way and 3-way matching, along with easy exception handling
  • Customizable and condition-based approval workflows
  • Downloadable pre-canned reports, with easyconversion to charts and graphs


  • Customization of your dynamic discounting program based on savings targets
  • Easy collaboration with suppliers on program roll-out, payment dates and discount values
  • Centralized tracking of program savings and supplier acceptance

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