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Go the E-Invoicing way to build the next generation AP organization


Enabling AP Managers to Create More Business Value


Go the E-Invoicing way to build the next generation AP organization

AP managers have come to play a central role in a tough economy that demands greater cash flow and tighter control over payables. Their primary goal is to manage an organization’s payable processes and function in a compliant and accurate manner. But going beyond this basic dictate, today’s AP managers must transform their function into a truly strategic one. Backed by technology solutions and enhanced processes, they need to establish high payables standards, and help their organization achieve its financial objectives.



How do I ensure the accuracy of the entire accounts payable process? What are some of the effective ways to drive greater transparency and efficiency across the value chain? Are there mechanisms to avoid cash leaks, while creating more opportunities for generating cash? These are some of the niggling questions worrying the AP manager.


Key Challenges

  • AP-Manager
    Improve the FTE efficiency, and reduce overhead costs
  • AP-Manager
    Minimize the amount of tied-up working capital
  • AP-Manager
    Reduce the cycle-time for invoice processing
  • AP-Manager
    Prevent fraud and compliance issues at the buyer’s end by ensuring better controls
  • AP-Manager
    Drive effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders

Drive greater efficiencies with an E-Invoicing solution


E-invoice receiving and processing software, with in-built workflows and analytics help automate manual, non-value added tasks inherent to the AP function. With automated and well-integrated E-Invoicing solutions, AP managers can access comprehensive reports on invoiced spend, discounts captured, invoice reconciliation, and the entire payables cycle time. Armed with deeper insights, AP managers can equip their team to ensure more accurate and reliable forecasting and planning.

E-Invoicing solutions enable: 


Tangible benefits

  • Gain complete control over your invoice lifecycle data, and leverage it to make better predictions and tackle challenges confidently
  • Process greater volumes of invoices, and ensure better scalability of the function to easily meet rising future demands
  • Increase service quality by reducing keying errors, matching errors, and misfiled documents
  • Create a fraud-proof ecosystem by leveraging automated alerts, risk scoring, and supplier trend analysis for preventive risk management
  • Reduce the overheads incurred
  • Foster collaboration with suppliers as well as with internal stakeholders
See E-Invoicing In Action
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