AP Reporting And Analytics
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AP Reporting And Analytics

Build an ‘intelligent’ AP organization with smart reporting and analytics


AP Reporting and Analytics


Build an ‘intelligent’ AP organization with smart reporting and analytics

As business leaders sit down to make major decisions, the chief question they all ask is: “where are the numbers?” With the growing importance of reporting and data analytics, the AP department is also under immense pressure to support senior management by providing comprehensive reports at short notice.


Why Focus on Reporting and analytics?

  • AP Reporting
    Ensure increased transparency and visibility across the AP processes
  • AP Reporting
    Move beyond just recording and viewing data, to making accurate interpretations for superior business insights
  • AP Reporting
    Measure the performance of internal AP proceses and resources to improve productivity
  • AP Reporting
    Control current liabilities and monitor cash management


Are exception invoices slowing you down? Time to embrace automation. Match faster with increased accuracy, eventually reducing the invoice processing time, and making timely payments

Make data work for you. Harness the Invocus Advantage


With Invocus’ end-to-end e-Invoicing solution, you no longer need to worry about getting your AP data and insights wrong. Our solution enables end-to-end visibility for every invoice through its payment cycle, and comprehensive analysis of granular data. Based on these, you can benchmark your operations and devise improved payables strategies.


Tangible benefits

  • Gain a unified view of data to arrive at comprehensive insights into payment processing, strategic sourcing, productivity, costing and budget, and FTE and headcount
  • Ensure tight cash flow control
  • Monitor, manage and improve AP processes
  • Make accurate projections that enable better cash flow planning
  • Analyze top vendors by spend and renegotiate terms of payments
  • Perform effective root cause analysis, thus reducing exceptions and errors


With our solution, you can deliver smart insights to all key stakeholders including your financial leaders, business managers, AP managers, and procurement leaders.



Centralized dashboard

  • Robust dashboards with simple interfaces to view, organize and manage actionable metrics

Pre-canned reports

  • Pre-defined reports and graphs for highly visual and graphical reporting
  • Easy excel exports to highlight the tangible value addition from accounts payable processes

Customizable Analytics

  • Ability to slice and dice data based on a range of parameters including business units and suppliers

See E-Invoicing In Action
Our Solution Consultants will show you the power of AP Automation, discuss use-cases, and help your business transform payables into strategic assets.