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Enable smart controllership through invoice automation


Enabling Smarter Controllership


Stay ahead of the game through invoice automation

The role of the financial controller has undergone tremendous transformation in recent times. Controllers are now at the heart of an organization, delivering strategic value as business partners alongside the CFO. In fact, they are increasingly expected to function like ‘financial operating officers’ with focus on areas including investor relations and corporate governance, which were traditionally not part of their profile. Given the heightened regulatory scrutiny and tough reporting timelines, they also face increased challenges in their efforts to improve the profile of the finance function.

Overcoming the stumbling blocks


Controllers are primarily focused on ensuring effective financial planning and reporting. One of the biggest challenges they face is building strong internal controls in an enterprise’s accounting and financial procedures. Controllers also need to streamline accounts payable processes, in order to ensure better cash management and deliver greater financial accountability.


Top concerns

  • Controller-WC
    Establishing well streamlined processes for quick and efficient approval and review of invoices to be paid
  • Controller-WC
    Gaining quick access to accurate accounting and financial information to create a clear and reliable audit trail
  • Controller-WC
    Providing comprehensive financial information and insights to senior management, enabling smart and speedier decision making
  • Controller-WC
    Ensuring timely and accurate invoice payments for smoother cash flow

Provide effective financial leadership with E-Invoicing


By adopting the right E-Invoicing solution, financial controllers can infuse a greater degree of visibility into the enterprise’s financial and accounting procedures. With automated invoice processing, they can do away with the inefficiencies of manual processes and ensure timely payments, eventually driving down costs, and catalyzing an improved bottom line. Controllers can also easily access comprehensive financial data, and translate it into actionable insights that pave way for more effective financial decisions and strategies.


E-Invoicing solutions help:

  • Embrace digitization for greater productivity and increased cost savings
  • Establish strong controls to eliminate duplicate payments and fraud
  • Implement rigorous and standardized processes to accelerate approvals
  • Reduce errors and delays to expedite payments
  • Gain more control over operations, cash flow and spend
  • Enable compliance and audit effectiveness
  • Ensure robust reporting
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