E-Invoicing Software Solution
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E-Invoicing Software Solution

Ensure accurate invoices and collaborate with suppliers on the cloud


Why move to an E-Invoicing Software Solution


Empower Suppliers with Self-services, Mobility, and Visibility

  • Invoice Processing gets dependent on manual intervention at every step when your organization relies on traditional modes of invoicing and supplier communication
  • Trading documents like invoices, advance shipment notices (ASNs) and credit memos are given to errors, misplacement and duplication
  • Trading partners are drowned in follow ups with each other
  • The opportunity for touchless invoice processing is lost

Invocus’ e-Invoicing software with its robust and flexible mechanism for supplier self-service helps in streamlining the invoice submission and applies buyer-specific validation at invoice origination to prevent subsequent iterations. Its facility for multi-party collaboration and visibility across the invoice lifecycle helps to keep the accounts payable, the suppliers and the business users in control of what matters to them the most - be it approvals, payments or supplier trust.

How an E-Invoicing Software can help you


Invocus’ e-invoicing solution helps you meet your electronic invoicing objectives, so that you are free from paper invoices and follow-up calls from suppliers on payments. We can help you with:

  • Reducing supplier inquiries by up to 60%
  • Increasing the first-pass invoice match-rate up to 90%
  • Empowering your suppliers so that they can self-manage their trading documents and supplier information
  • Facilitating multi-party communication so that manual follow ups are not required
  • Higher supplier adoption through our intuitive user interface
  • Providing end-to-end visibility so that communications gaps are nonexistent

Invocus e-Invoicing Software Solution Portal Features

Zero fees for suppliers

Zero fees for suppliers

No hidden costs

Format agnostic invoice creation

Format agnostic invoice creation

Compliant, flexible formats

Online collaboration and inquiry resolution

Online collaboration and inquiry resolution

No confusion, no calls

Business Benefits of having an E-Invoicing Software Solution



  • Help suppliers create and submit invoices in different scenarios and formats
  • Provide features to ensure invoice accuracy and compliance
  • Make it easy for suppliers to update business and payment information

Centralized Digitization

  • Get all of your various invoices and trading documents centralized in one location
  • Store and archive them in easily retrievable and analyzable electronic format
  • Prevent errors and misplacement through automated electronic flipping and a cloud-based repository


  • Nurture better supplier relationships with zero supplier fees
  • Help stakeholders track invoice approval and payment status
  • Communicate online and resolve queries on the go, anywhere, anytime

See E-Invoicing In Action
Our Solution Consultants will show you the power of AP Automation, discuss use-cases, and help your business transform payables into strategic assets.