Invoice Approval Software
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Invoice Approval Software

Speed up internal collaboration for compliant approval of invoices


Why use an Invoice Approval Software?


Streamline Approvals. Increase Compliance. Make Timely Payments.

  • Manual routing of paper and e-mail invoices can be tedious and time consuming
  • Follow ups for the same with internal business users through phone calls and e-mail reminders can get frustrating for everyone involved
  • Lack of visibility into the approval process can further complicate matters for everyone

Invocus makes it possible to incorporate a flexible approval workflow system in your existing infrastructure so that you enjoy the benefits of speed, visibility and smooth processing throughout the invoice management cycle.

How can an Invoice Approval Software help you?


The invoice workflow functionality is part of its invoice processing software. They together help your accounts payable team work a lot better, faster and more efficiently.

  • Drag-and-drop designer: We provide you with easy-to-use and comprehensive workflow designer which can be easily edited on the screen any time
  • Dynamic approvals: We enable various kinds of workflow management abilities so that your invoices are not stuck because of software inadequacy
  • Actionable features: We also provide up-to-date status across the approval cycle so that you can take proactive actions

Key Features of Invocus Workflow Solution

Drag-and-drop workflow designer

Drag-and-drop workflow designer

Flexible, Intuitive

Ad-hoc modification of approval workflow

Ad-hoc modification of approval workflow

Dynamic Processing

Email reminders and mobile approvals

Email reminders and mobile approvals

Unhindered Approvals

Business benefits of automating invoice workflow



  • Feed the software with step wise directions to take on a case by case basis for compliant payments
  • Enjoy the comfort of our easy-to-use, visual drag and drop worklflow editor


  • Literally watch the invoice go through the approval cycle and get update on every step
  • Have Information at your fingertips for every invoice's approval status in just a simple click


  • Use the visibility to predict readiness of invoices for batch wise payments
  • Gatekeep and streamline your payables pipeline for better cash management and happier suppliers

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