Invoice Matching Software
Invoice Matching Software

Breeze through complex invoices and match them
with purchase orders or receipts automatically


Why use an Invoice Matching Software?


Match Faster. Increase Accuracy. Make Timely Payments.

  • Business rules for matching can be tiresome and time consuming when manually validated against each and every invoice received
  • It is best to identify the error in the invoice at the time of matching rather than correct the same after approvals or payments
  • An invoice error gone unnoticed may end up as headache for the accounting team later on

Invocus makes it possible to remove human intervention from the mundane and routine tasks such as matching invoice data against purchase orders and goods receipt. This leads to greater accuracy, reliability and speed in your invoice processing cycle.

How can an Invoice Matching Software help you?


The invoice matching functionality is part of our invoice processing software. They together help your accounts payable team work a lot better, faster and more efficiently.

  • Configurable: We provide you with a comprehensive set of matching tolerances with which you can configure invoices as per business rules
  • Automated: We enable the software to automatically map fields like general ledger codes, projects codes, business units etc. so you save time
  • Line-level exception summary: We provide reliable line-level reasons for exceptions so you can focus on processing rather than digging for information

Key Features of Invocus Matching Solution

2-way and 3-way invoice matching

2-way and 3-way invoice matching

Intelligent, Automated

Matching tolerances as per business rules

Matching tolerances as per business rules

Compliant, Flexible

Upfront visibility into matching errors

Upfront visibility into matching errors

Detailed, Reliable

Business benefits of automating invoice matching



  • Get demanding with the software on what things you want to match against what documents
  • Get creative with defining tolerances for matching discrepancies


  • Have information at your fingertips for any matching discrepancies in invoices received
  • Pull out reports on invoice matching history and take actions based on observations and analysis


  • Get more time for improving processes, with actual matching being taken care of by the system
  • Move to suggesting improvements in tolerances for various categories and modifications in business rules

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