Invoice Cloud OCR
Invoice Cloud OCR

No paper, no calls. All suppliers, big or small


Why Provide Your Accounts Payables with an Invoice OCR Software?


Save Time. Save Costs. Drive Speed.

  • Your accounts payable surely do not enjoy hand keying of the incoming invoices
  • Maintaining invoices in paper or in image formats is not optimal
  • You can't expect 100% of your suppliers to switch to e-invoicing from day one

Invocus' Cloud OCR is designed to help you make your invoicing process 100% electronic. By digitizing all your invoice data in legally acceptable and compliant format, we enable you to automate invoice processing and make use of the electronic matching and approvals for all your invoices.

How can an Invoice OCR Software help you


Invocus cloud OCR for scanned invoices is part of our supplier e-invoicing package which helps you get rid of paper and hand keying and as a result facilitates a higher degree of electronic invoicing for your team, as your suppliers slowly come on board.

  • eInvoicing for all: We enable on-cloud OCR for the tail-most end of your supplier base
  • Image to text: We use direct image to text conversion accessible on the screen for the accounts payable
  • Self-learning OCR: We focus on making the software intelligent so that you don't have to make the same corrections again for a given supplier

Invocus Cloud OCR Features

Click-and-send invoice from mobile

Click-and-send invoice from mobile

Anywhere, anytime

AI based invoice OCR

AI based invoice OCR

Intelligent, self-learning

Side-by-side review of invoice and OCR output

Side-by-side review of invoice and OCR output

Easy drag-and-drop

Business benefits of our cloud OCR



  • Get electronic invoicing even if all suppliers haven't adopted the e-invoicing portal from day one
  • Electronic processing of invoices so that matching and workflow can be automated


  • Get all your invoices in the format that you need for both internal and external compliance requirements
  • Free your suppliers from the sudden jolt of electronic invoicing even as you go 100% electronic


  • Save your FTEs and have them do much more than hand keying of invoices into the system
  • Save your invoice processing costs by leveraging the OCR services in an outsourcing environment

See E-Invoicing In Action
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