Invoice Processing Software
Invoice Processing Software

The best way to achieve invoicing nirvana


Why use paperless invoice processing software?


Going touchless helps you make timely payments and improve supplier relationships.

  • Accounts Payable employees get overwhelmed with tedious and often manual follow ups with business users and finance approvers
  • Accounts Payable department gets inundated with supplier calls
  • Supplier relationships get negatively influenced owing to manual delays and errors
  • Longer invoice processing cycle time leads to loss of early payment discounts

Invocus helps you simplify all the complications that are unique to your invoice processing function through configurable business rules, auto routing for approvals and strong ERP integration so that you can focus on your job and not worry about processing delays and supplier calls.

How can an Invoice Processing Software help you?


Invocus helps you meet your electronic invoicing objectives, so that you get rid of manual matching, approval follow ups and duplicate payments. We can help you by:

  • Cutting your invoice processing costs by up to 60%
  • Shortening your invoice processing cycle times by 30%
  • Taking the on time payments by up to 90% for all your payables
  • 'Providing end-to-end visibility for every invoice through its payment cycle

Features of Invocus Invoice Processing

Rules-based matching and workflow configurator

Rules-based matching and workflow configurator

Intelligent, Flexible

Exception handling with distinct invoice statuses

Exception handling with distinct invoice statuses

Efficient, Accurate

Reporting with exports and graphs

Reporting with exports and graphs

Visual, Advanced

Business benefits of automated invoice processing



  • Say bye-bye to the manual 2-way or 3-way matching
  • Get rid of never-ending approval reminders
  • Save time for analysis and monitoring


  • Get better visibility into your payables pipeline
  • Create opportunity for early payment discounts
  • Prevent late payment fees


  • Play a role in nurturing better supplier relationships
  • Keep business users relieved from the perils of supplier dissatisfaction
  • Partake in the glory of positive supplier branding

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