Reduce The Pain Points In Non-PO Invoicing
Reduce The Pain Points
In Non-PO Invoicing

Embrace a streamlined, technology-based approach


Reduce the Pain Points in Non-PO Invoicing


Striving for compliant Non-PO invoice processing? Embrace a streamlined, technology-based approach

Non-PO invoices are an unavoidable reality for most companies. While contracted non-PO invoices based on negotiated pricing and payment terms are comparatively easier to manage, non-contracted Non-PO invoices throw up far more challenges. However, whatever be the type, Non-PO invoices, handled by a manual AP organization, go through longer payment approval cycles, hiking up processing costs and increasing the probability of errors.


Top Challenges

  • Non-PO Invoicing
    Lack of a formal order to buy from the buyer, or formal approvals and tagging before a transaction
  • Non-PO Invoicing
    Inability to plan for upcoming expenses due to indequate visibility, especially in the case of 'non-contracted' Non-PO invoices
  • Non-PO Invoicing
    Longer cycle time for creating and processing due to manual processes
  • Non-PO Invoicing
    Long-winding verification and validation processes
  • Non-PO Invoicing
    Increased missed opportunities for discounting


Non-PO invoices are like tumbleweeds, often blown from one location to another, aimlessly. But through automation, you can process these invoices with greater speed and accountability.

Partner with Invocus. Navigate the heterogeneous world of invoices with ease.


While you may not be able to completely eliminate Non-PO invoices, you can definitely handle them more efficiently through automation. Invocus enables you to speed up their processing by doing away with manual intervention. Our comprehensive eInvoicing suite of solutions, equipped with intuitive features and robust validations, positions AP organizations to achieve compliant processing, at optimal cost and reduced efforts.


Tangible benefits

  • Simplify the invoice creation process for suppliers and AP managers
  • Capture and tag the right data
  • Ensure quicker verifications and validations
  • Reduce the invoice approval time
  • Capture more early-payment discounts
  • Generate greater cost savings
  • Achieve greater contract compliance



Simplified invoice creation and submission

  • Easy conversion of paper invoices to e-invoices
  • Intelligent web forms to capture all details
  • Provision of a unique number for each invoice to avoid creation of duplicate invoices

Centralized receiving and easy coding

  • Multiple ways of sending digital non-PO invoices including web forms, and automatic file uploads to the cloud OCR
  • Quick and easy ways of finding and managing invoices on a centralized cloud
  • Collaborative coding for all invoices on the cloud

Quick processing and approval cycles

  • Dynamic workflows for myriad non-PO spends
  • Intelligent predictions for quick validation
  • Mobility combined with email notifications and alerts for on-the-go, timely approvals

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