Simplifying Vendor Master Management
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Simplifying Vendor
Master Management

Gain complete control over your supplier data,
while realizing greater efficiency at reduced costs


Simplifying Vendor Master Management


Gain complete control over your supplier data, while realizing greater efficiency at reduced costs

With the rise of complex, large global supplier networks, we are witnessing an exponential growth in vendor records. Managing the scale, security, and quality of this data, dispersed across disparate systems, can be extremely cumbersome and expensive. Also, maintaining accurate and standardized vendor information to effectively comply with a slew of global regulations is a huge challenge.


A well-orchestrated vendor master management process can significantly ease all your worries related to supplier data. A robust supplier information management solution can help free up your working capital, leading to increased operational efficiency and reduced costs.


Achieve greater ROI with superior enterprise collaboration.


KEY Barriers

  • manual paper-based process
    Manual, paper-based processes
  • Inadequate
    Inadequate automation
  • Disparate ERP systems
    Disparate ERP systems
  • lack of integrated information model
    Lack of an integrated information model
  • simplifying vendor master management
    Lack of a robust platform for effective supplier engagement


Without a strategic vision and integrated technology solutions, you could be grappling with data decay. Don’t risk losing your competitive advantage.

Don’t be overwhelmed by data - Partner with Invocus


At Invocus, we have a precise understanding of your goals and pain points. Using our extensive experience and expertise, we have developed an end-to- end Supplier Information Management Solution to solve all your vendor master data management problems.


We simplify your vendor on boarding process.We also mitigate your risk of inadvertently working with blacklisted suppliers. In fact, with our easy-to- use and flexible Self-Service Supplier Portal, you can offload much of the data management tasks to suppliers themselves.


By partnering with us, you not only build a single source of validated data but also create better synergies across your enterprise.


A glimpse into what we help you achieve: View Demo


Tangible benefits

    • Eliminate paperwork; achieve greater efficiency and productivity
    • Build up-to- date, accurate, and complete supplier master data
    • Drive better collaboration across departments
    • Simplify the search for suppliers using multiple parameters and user configurable views
    • Effectively comply with supplier documentation requirements such as W9, insurance or diversity certificates
    • Realize cost savings of up to $950 per supplier on information management
    • Reduce risk by getting alerts when suppliers are blacklisted, through custom third party validation



Hassle-free onboarding

  • Supplier portal for self-registration of supplier
  • Pre-qualification, de-duplication and regulatory compliance check
  • Automated approval workflows to obtain timely stakeholder and supplier input

Centralized repository

  • Document tracking and audit trail management
  • Single source of supplier information with powerful supplier search
  • Integration with ERP source systems and parent-child linkage

Seamless supplier risk management

  • Supplier data enrichment
  • Automated alerts and risk scoring
  • Supplier trend analysis for preventive risk management

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