Supplier Self Service Portal
Supplier Self-Service Portal

Get rid of paper invoices and unnecessary supplier calls


Why use a Supplier Self-Service Portal


Enable. Empower. Collaborate.

  • Your suppliers need help and guidance at various stages throughout the payables cycle
  • Attending to all the queries from various suppliers can eat into your time and energy
  • Decentralized modes of communication can get confusing and frustrating for both parties - accounts payable as well as suppliers
  • It becomes complicated to update the suppliers on changes in company policies and compliance requirements from time to time

Invocus' supplier e-invoicing portal is endowed with easy-to-use, self service options for all your suppliers, big and small. It not only helps your suppliers comply with your business policies by providing them with definitive guidelines at every stage in the payables process, but also updates them on the status of the invoice throughout the processing cycle.

How can a Supplier Self-Service Portal help you


Invocus Supplier Self-Service portal is part of our cloud based eInvoicing portal, which helps you get rid of paper and frantic supplier calls, as a result facilitating a better working environment for your accounts payables team.

  • Self-registration: We offer easy on-screen registration and on-boarding process
  • Flexibility: We let the supplier choose how they want to do business with you
  • Zero cost: We keep it all free of cost for your suppliers so that they don't feel the pinch

Invocus Supplier Self-Service Features

1-step on-screen registration

1-step on-screen registration

Simple, Quick

Alerts and configurable dashboard

Alerts and configurable dashboard

Regular Updates

Field level validation

Field level validation

Higher Match-rates

Business benefits of supplier self-service options



  • Make help available to your vendors 24x7 through simple and easy-to-use self-service features
  • Provide acceptable invoice templates and formats in different scenarios to increase first-pass match rates


  • Provide services at zero supplier fees to make life easier for your trading partners
  • Relieve your vendors from the need for follow ups with automatic status updates from invoice submission to payment remittance


  • Streamline communication with vendors so they know what is required of them
  • Help your suppliers update you with their latest business information and payment details from time to time

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