Enabling Suppliers to Embrace Greater Efficiency and an Impressive Bottom-Line


Enabling Suppliers to Embrace Greater Efficiency and an Impressive Bottom-Line


Enhance your relationship with buyers and improve your cash flow with Zycus Supplier Network

Spurred on by the increasing competition amid rapid globalization, today’s suppliers are constantly striving to meet evolving customer requirements. With a sharp focus on quality, they aim to provide consistently high service levels, and look to build strategic partnerships with their buyers.

Supplier challenges at a glance


Suppliers face constant pressure to keep pace with changing technologies, to be able to effectively meet the demands of their digitally savvy buyers and distribution partners. They need to find innovative ways to adapt to today’s turbulent economies, labor issues, and increased competition arising from globalization.


Top challenges

  • Supplier
    Successfully catering to dynamic customer expectations
  • Supplier
    Staying relevant in a highly competitive environment
  • Supplier
    Complying with the customer’s onboarding process
  • Supplier
    Building effective channel partnerships
  • Supplier
    Achieving greater cost control, combined with higher revenues and profitability


Roadmap to address these challenges

  • Leverage a robust technology solution to automate processes and achieve greater efficiency
  • Gain greater visibility into business metrics to make smarter decisions, improve distribution strategies, and offer tailored products to discerning customers
  • Collaborate better with partners to improve quality and increase sales

Achieve greater efficiency with an E-Invoicing solution


Given the growth of aggressive supplier onboarding programs and flexible vendor portals, more and more suppliers are replacing manual processes with electronic invoicing processing.


With a smart E-Invoicing solution, suppliers can enjoy the advantage of smoother information flows and greater transparency. By automating invoice processing, not only can they control costs and grow their revenues but also ensure better trust with partners, thus lowering customer churn.


With an E-Invoicing solution, suppliers can reap the following key benefits:

  • Streamline administration costs by reducing reprint requests, customer service calls and storage requirements
  • Increase overall productivity by cutting down invoice processing time
  • Achieve faster revenue collection through automation, thus reducing days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Simplify information management by making the most of supplier self-service portals
  • Ensure easy reconciliation of payments against original invoices
  • Implement straight through processing; better manage exceptions in invoicing
See E-Invoicing In Action
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