• Paperless with a Purpose: Digitizing Today for the Accounts Payable of Tomorrow

    Many accounts payable professionals dream of a day when their operations will be paperless. But going Paperless requires a conscious, comprehensive, and well-executed strategy to achieve tangible business goals beyond simply de-cluttering the office. This Zycus-IOFM webinar will highlight the practical steps that can be taken today to realize the AP of tomorrow sans paper.

  • Leveraging Supplier Management : AP at the Forefront of Supplier On-Boarding and Supplier Data Management

    Most accounts payable teams face the challenge of lack of a visibility into their supply base, with disjointed systems and processes for on-boarding and maintaining the integrity of supplier’s data. As a result – there is no one source of truth for supplier data to meet the various needs of business stakeholders, which also varies by category, region, business unit and risks. This webinar will highlight the practical criteria that can be used by AP teams to choose a winning supplier management solution which caters to problems specific to their company.

  • Critical Compliance Controls For Your Accounts Payable : Protecting Your Company

    Are you confident that your AP transactions are not putting your company at risk?  Do you have an updated and robust internal controls program that focuses on mitigating the greatest fraud risks within your AP process? This webinar will provide answers to all these questions and will arm you with a toolkit that will help you immediately protect the integrity of your AP transactions and address the risk of fraud.

  • AP Sits on a (Data) Gold Mine: Leveraging Analytics to Strategically Transform Accounts Payable

    October 3, 2017

    An Invoice is a vital instrument for efficient exchange of goods and services, but it’s purpose isn’t confined to just that. It contains critical business intelligence that’ll form grounds for your strategic decisions. This webinar will highlight how AP automation and advanced data analytics can re-position Accounts Payable as a purveyor of key strategic business insights.

  • How Much Improvement Can I Expect From Automation

    September 13, 2017 | 2:00pm – 3:00pm Eastern Time

    Automation is poised to enable your AP function to operate faster, better and cheaper. But how much has the organization’s performance improved? This session will highlight the metrics you need to gauge current performance and help justify the business case for your next technology purchase.

  • Supplier Management from A to P

    Accounts payable’s role in on-boarding suppliers is critical to getting an initial supplier relationship off on the right foot, and throughout the lifecycle AP is the conduit to keeping the relationship running smoothly – making sure the supplier gets paid on time and maintaining compliance with all regulatory and business terms.

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