howwearelogo Who we are
Invocus helps companies make the transition from paper based Accounts Payable processes to electronic invoicing. Our supplier eInvoicing portal empowers your trading partners with self-services, mobility and visibility, so that you get rid of paper complexity and unnecessary supplier calls. Furthermore, we endow you with state-of-the-art matching and workflow configurator to enable touchless processing and easy exception handling. At the end of the day, you can pat your back for all those early payment discounts and better supplier relationships!
howwebeganlogo How we began
Invocus is a division of Zycus, the well known global leader in source-to-pay suite of software solutions, the legacy of which goes across two decades of many happy customers. A few years back, Zycus' leadership expressed a desire to extend their software capabilities so as to serve the specific needs of accounts payable professionals. Thus in the year 2015, Invocus was born.
ourvisionlogo Our Vision
Accounts payable function as the custodian of supplier and stakeholder happiness, supply chain agility and payment compliance.
ourmissionlogo Our Mission
To empower accounts payable professionals to be able to serve their organizations' stakeholders in the most efficient, reliable and fruitful manner.